What is more Beautiful than the Beauty of a Woman

  Then there is the "Art of a Woman", that certain beauty, a certain pose, a certain expression, to capture for a lifetime. The eyes, the lips, the softness of her cheek, for man to see, this loveliness to behold and admire. The art that a man may like is that of a woman, even nude art or pictures with good taste and class can be acceptable to many.

The realist detail of legendary artist Alberto Vargas (1896-1982) to the blends of colors on a dark background like Billy DeVorss (1908-1981) and Jules Erbit. What is more beautiful than the art of woman, with tones and shades of color to highlight her radiant beauty. The detail in the eyes and expression within her face that would draw one closer, looking more and more real to life, wishing to know such an appealing woman. You could almost feel her passion, that look of seduction that every man dreams about in a woman from this great art.

  The clothes a woman wears that make her appealing and sexy looking, an attractive pose and seductive expression with those inviting eyes. Some of the most appealing pin-up art was of a woman wearing hose and under garments and/or some sort of transparent lingerie. Alberto Vargas did this in Esquire magazine and Playboy, as well as
D'Ancona, Zoe Mozert (1907-1993), a female artist and Gil Elvgren (1915-1980) in other publications. The art of Fritz Willis (1907-1979) was of the more Sophisticated Woman, "Beautiful Ladies with Class". Even the few nudes by some of these artist were done with a touch of class.

  There is another of these legendary artist now living in Florida,
Donald "Rusty" Rust (1932- ). Then there is also a mystery artist from the 1960's and 1970's, Larry G."Vincent" (1923-2007) who painted some fine nude art for a few casinos in Nevada. Not much information on this artist but his nude artwork pops up here and there, now and then.

  As we enter into the Millennium years, there are some great pin-up artist of today.
Olivia De Berardinis (1948- ), Carlos Cartagena (1960- ) and the fine nude art of Steve Hanks (1949- ) to name a few.  To view more information on 30 classic pin-up artist, Click Here.

  For many years I have admired the pin-up art of these legendary artist and this web site is dedicated to their art of beautiful women.


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